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Page Drogher
Page Drogher is a subcription, web-based system for tracking documents used in Service of Process and is being upgraded to include courier services.

Page Drogher tracks

• Worksheets, used in the workflow in delivery of the legal documents by the process server.
• Affidavits, notarized and sent to the client.
• Invoices listing the service fee, mileage and assorted expenses incurred in the process serve or courier services.
Proxipe is a custom recipe formatting software project. This project is still in the early design phases. Stay tuned for updates as it progresses.
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In addition to the custom work we do for clients here are our current in-house projects. Page Drogher has been recently updated to operate in the cloud for better accessibility by our clients. If you would like to try Page Drogher, please contact our team to access our 30-day free trial.